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SOC Auction #26 Now Online 4/13/2018 -- The Society of Olympic Collectors' Auction #26 is now available for downloading from our website. The deadline for submitting bids is 31 May 2018.
LA 2018 - 24th World Olympic Collectors' Fair 4/13/2018 -- The Organizing Committee of Los Angeles 2018 is proud to announce that the 24th World Olympic Collectors' Fair will take place at the Long Beach Convention Center from September 6-8, 2018. Collectors and visitors are invited to visit the official website -- LA2018.ORG -- for more information and registration forms. Press Release
Cover JSP Spring 2018Spring 2018 Journal of Sports Philately is now online. 3/4/2018 -- One thing you can always count on with each Olympic Games is that at least some of the sports venues will be more breathtaking in size and artistry than those that have gone before. The cover story in the Spring 2018 issue of the Journal of Sports Philately takes a thematic look at both the architecture and political intrigue surrounding the famous – and infamous – 1976 Olympic Stadium in Mark Maestrone’s two-part “Montreal’s Big ‘O’: Monumental Masterpiece or Financial Folly?”. Manfred Bergman continues to examine the evolution of the 1924 Paris Olympic Games stamps in Part 3 of “Paris 1924, I Owe You.” In “Paraguay’s Stamps for the 28th South American Tennis Championships,” Norman Jacobs explores the origin and legitimate in-country use on commercial correspondence of commemorative Paraguayan tennis-related stamps. Norman Rushefsky presents new information on some baseball postmarks from the 1940s in “Brooklyn Sandlot Baseball Machine Postmarks: the Backstory.” With “The LEAFS Celebrate a Centennial,” Kon Sokolyk reviews the recent Canada Post release for the Toronto Maple Leafs – one of which is shaped like a hockey puck that comes in a roll of 50 inside a hockey-puck-shaped dispenser! Korea Post’s modest second issue of 20 stamps for the 2018 PyeongChang Olympic Winter Games is reviewed by Mark Maestrone. Finally, along with Patricia Loehr, we go “Golfing the World” with Roberto de Vicenzo of Argentina and South African Gary Player. We hope you enjoy this issue!

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athlete and soccer ballSports Fitness Advisor website 2/2/2018 -- Getting ready to enjoy the world's best winter sport athletes competing at the 2018 PyeongChang Olympic Winter Games? For the rest of us mere mortals, sports are more for fitness and fun. Here's a helpful website with great information on many different sports. As the author, Australian sports fitness advisor Jacky Anderson, says: "No hype. No bull. Just the facts." Have a look at Jacky's website www.sport-fitness-advisor.com. Better yet, sign up for his free e-newsletter!
Sports & Olympic exhibits on UICOS website 1/23/2018 -- Our Italian sister society -- UICOS -- maintains an extensive list of Olympic and sports philatelic exhibits on its website: www.uicos.org/collezioni-online/, all of which are available for viewing by the public. Included are multiple football (soccer) exhibits, as well as displays on rugby, track & field, cycling, golf, tennis and volleyball. There is also a group of so-called “historical” collections such as “Philately Tells: Women at the Olympic Games,” and handicapped sports. If you are starved for ideas on something to collect or looking for examples on exhibiting, this is a great place for inspiration.
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