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2020 WOCF Artena splash2020 World Olympic Collectors' Fair, Artena, Italy 2/20/2020 -- The 2020 WOCF website is now live at www.artena2020.com. Registration is now open for tables at the Fair as well as for accommodations. Details on transportation and the calendar of events is also available including a special bus tour to Rome to view the Olympic stadium and other venues for the 1960 Rome Olympics.

Cover JSP Summer 2019Winter 2019 Journal of Sports Philately is now online. 12/3/2019 -- Our cover story this month is about one of our SPI members who, quite literally, was out of this world. Sally Ride, the first US woman astronaut, was also a tennis champion and Olympic stamp collector. Norm Jacobs explores Sally’s fascinating life which the USPS commemorated earlier this year with a Forever stamp. Many Olympic historians have suggested various possibilities for how Pierre de Coubertin came up with the idea of the five Olympic rings. Manfred Bergman proposes his own theories which include a 19th century brass lamp found at a flea market. With the arrival of winter’s icy fingers, Pat Loehr takes us on a visit to warmer climes, namely the Caribbean islands of St. Kitts Nevis for a little “Two ‘Fore’ One Island Golf.” Lik Lim wraps up his extensive presentation of “The Postal Material of the 1998 XVI Commonwealth Games.” In the Fall issue of JSP, your editor presented artwork from Belarus issued for the 1996 Centennial Olympic Games. SPI-member Victor Afanasiev followed up with some new information that, to the best of my knowledge, has never appeared in print! The Scott series of stamp catalogues is well know to collectors. Not so familiar are the specialized catalogues such as the Scott Catalogue of Errors on U.S. Postage Stamps. Norm Jacobs reviews the catalogue using examples from his own award-winning tennis exhibit to illustrate the value of this volume. For baseball fans, Norman Rushefsky begins a two-part review of “Baseball Records, Hank Aaron and the Journey to 715.” Wrapping up this issue is a presentation of four “Tokyo 2020 Olympic New Year’s Lottery Postal Cards” which include an image of the just-completed National Stadium and the 2020 Olympic and Paralympic mascots.

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2018 World Olympic Collectors' Fair Gallery

Thanks to all the photographers who contributed to this gallery including Joe Lopreiato, Norm Jacobs, Wendy Wickstrom, and Mark Maestrone.

2018 Olympic Fair Attendees Statues Jack & Jill and the Olympic flame LA84 Foundation Norm Jacobs and a friend at the LA84 Reception LB Convention Center (l) and Queen Mary Nick Wolaver and Nippy Feldhake having some fun Conrad Klinkner negotiating with a customer Co-Chair, J. Becker, K. Rosen and A. Polsky D. Presburger and S. Marantz doing some pin trading Olympic Pavilion LA 1932 & 1984 philatelic exhibits Olympic posters Olympic winners medals Olympic torches Spirited bidding at the silent auction French contingent: K. Verjuin, JP. Picquot & S. Hatot USOC archivist Teri Hedgpeth US Olympic Museum CEO, C. Liedel, and T. Hedgpeth Olympian Dick Fosbury with his new book Terrezene Brown (1964) and Dick Fosbury (1968) Queen Mary: N. Jacobs, R. Babut and M. Maestrone Queen Mary: Gala Banquet in the Royal Salon Queen Mary: SPI members enjoying the banquet
Opening Ceremony of the 2018 Olympic Fair
(Click the image above to download a video of the Opening Ceremony)

The Opening Ceremony of the 24th World Olympic Collectors Fair on Thursday, 6 September 2018, was presided over by Fair Co-Chair, Jon Becker. On hand to cut the ceremonial ribbon were quadrupal-gold medal winning swimmer, John Naber, assisted by US Olympian, Dawn Harper Nelson (at left: gold and silver medalist in the 100-meter hurdles), and French NOC member, and basketball player, Kerline Verjuin (at right).
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