XXth World Olympic Collectors Fair
Lausanne, 23 - 25 May 2014

photo: IOC Museum columnsOlympic Collectors internationally are invited to participate in the XXth World Olympic Collectors Fair, to be held in Lausanne, Switzerland, from 23 to 25 May, 2014.

The Fair is being organised on the initiative of the IOC Philately, Numismatics and Memorabilia Commission, under the patronage of the International Olympic Committee.

Holding the Fair in Lausanne at this time recognises the recent re-opening of the Olympic Museum, and marks the meeting to establish the Association Internationale des Collectioneurs Olympique (AICO) proposed for the same time.

Location: The Fair will be held in a 700 sq. meter marquee located on the Place de Navigation, Ouchy, Lausanne. The Place de Navigation is approximately 800 metres from the Olympic Museum, and close to hotels and public transport.


23 May
10am-5pm: Register & Set up
3pm-5pm: Trading open to registrants
6pm: Cocktails, Olympic Museum
7pm: Tour of Olympic Museum
24 May
10am-5pm: Fair open to public
6pm: Silent Auction, Olympic Museum
7pm: Official Dinner, Olympic Museum
25 May
10am-3pm: Fair open to public
3pm-6pm: Clear tables and marquee

100 CHF for a table 2m x.7m
50 CHF ($55) per person to attend official dinner.

Note that persons accompanying the registered table holder must also register, but without costs except for attendance at the official dinner.

Official Invitations, containing the registration form and payment details, will be issued shortly. Registrations will be accepted on a first come/first served basis, so please register early. Registration will close on 1 May.

If you wish to receive an invitation and registration form, please contact David Maiden on dma22920@gmail.com

A copy of the registration form for both table rentals and the special events is available as a PDF by clicking here.

Table holders must also sign and submit this agreement.

Special Events:
Tours of the newly renovated Olympic Museum will be available to those attending the Fair.

Accommodation and Transport:
Recommendations on accommodations, and details of any special rates, will be contained in the official invitation. Public transport is free for visitors to the City of Lausanne.

Organising Committee:
The Committee comprises the following members of the IOC Philately, Numismatics and Memorabilia Commission:

David Maiden (dma22920@gmail.com)
Jim Greensfelder (medal_man@hotmail.com)
Halvor Kleppen(halvor@kleppen.com)

The Committee is assisted by Lausanne based Jean-Louis Emmenegger (jemm@hispeed.ch)

Queries about attendance at the Fair can be passed to any of the above.