About Sports Philatelists International

Who are we? Since 1962, Sports Philatelists International (SPI) has served the needs of both novice and experienced Olympic and sport stamp collectors throughout the world. SPI is a member of the American Philatelic Society and American Topical Association, and maintains strong ties with our many sister societies around the globe. We invite you to stop on by and meet our dedicated family of volunteers.

Do others collect my sport? Nearly every Olympic or sport collector will find a member among our ranks interested in their subject -- to date some 72 sports and every Olympic Games from 1896 Athens to 2020 Tokyo (or 1924 Chamonix through 2022 Beijing, PRC, if you're into the Olympic Winter Games). Many of these topics are covered in the pages of our full-color quarterly publication, the Journal of Sports Philately.

What about non-stamp memorabilia? You'll find that many of our members from some 38 countries around the world also collect collateral material such as post cards, programs, tickets and other ephemera.

What are the benefits of joining SPI?

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