Exhibiting is FUN!

Beginning in September 1990, noted Olympic exhibitor, James Bowman, authored a series of articles on exhibiting which were published in the Journal of Sports Philately. Following in the Introduction to the series.

Exhibiting Tips For Sports Exhibitors
by James A. Bowman

Preparing an exhibit of your favorite sports theme for competition at national level stamp shows can be fun, challenging, educational, and at times a daunting experience. One must have patience and be prepared to embark on a process that can take many years before your creation matures to a level where it is receiving the higher-level awards for your effort.

It is one thing to create an exhibit of your favorite sports topic for your own viewing pleasure but creating an exhibit for competition at national level stamp shows is a much different process. That process is well documented in the judging manuals of various countries or federations and they serve as the guides by which jury members base their evaluations for awarding medals.

In most cases, sports exhibits will fall within a prescribed category called THEMATICS, however, there are a few other categories where such material may be shown and they will be discussed at a later time.

Over a period of time, this subject will continue to be expanded and readers are welcomed to make comments or ask questions on the topics presented.

Coming Soon! Additional articles in the series.