Bob Farley's Olympic Legacy

6/29/2015 -- When Bob Farley passed away earlier this year he left his very considerable philatelic and memorabilia collection to his daughter, Sarah. She is now in the midst of trying to sort through and evaluate this vast collection. As a neophyte to Olympic collecting, you can imagine the task ahead of her! She would like the collecting public to know that ... well I'll let her tell you in her own words:

I have a few ideas of what to do with the collection. I have already come across some interesting and unusual items as well as the expected postcards, stamps and covers. To document this and to follow this large piece of work I have started a blog ( and created a twitter account @olympicfarley). I will also hopefully be using ebay to sell when appropriate (eBay account: starfishpo). This will give anyone interested a chance to keep up to date with my finds and help with any information or to contact me directly. I am keen to help everyone with their collections as Dad did with his knowledge over the years. My email address is:

Thanks to all of you!
Sarah Boxall (nee Farley)