1912 Olympic Centennial/Jim Thorpe Cover

Jim Thorpe postmarkIn honor of the centennial of the 1912 Stockholm Olympic Games and its most famous participant, Jim Thorpe, SPI has created a special postmark which will be available all three days of the INDYPEX show -- September 28, 29 and 30. It features a portrait of Jim Thorpe and reference to both the Stockholm Olympics, where Thorpe won both the Pentathlon and Decathlon, and his annointing as "The World's Greatest Athlete" by King Gustav during the awards celebration.

The postmark will be available at the USPS booth at the show all three days.

Collectors wishing to service their own covers may mail their stamped covers (minimum 45 cents postage is required) to:

United States Postal Service
IndyPex Station
125 W South Street
Indianapolis, IN 46206-9998

As SPI will be celebrating its 50th anniversary, we have created a special cacheted cover for the show featuring our anniversary logo in the upper left corner, and a reproduction of the colorful 1912 Stockholm Olympic Games vignette.

Envelopes with cachet only (no stamp or postmark): $2.00 each postpaid worldwide

Envelopes with cachet, Jim Thorpe stamp and postmark: $5.00 postpaid worldwide
(Please note that an additional 25 cents in postage will be added to make up the required 45-cent first-class postage rate.)

Orders may be placed via email to album@comcast.net or by writing to John La Porta, 17612 Sean Drive, Orland Park, IL 60467 USA. Payment may be made by PayPal (account name: treasurer@sportstamps.org), US$ check made payable to "SPI", or cash (at senders risk).

Jim Thorpe Cacheted Cover