Philatelic Insurance

It is always a good idea for collectors to have some sort of insurance coverage for their collections. This guards against not only theft, but in many cases fire, flood or other damage due to natural catastrophes. For the exhibitor, philatelic coverage provides protection while the exhibit is in transit to or from a show as well as at the show itself. International exhibitions almost always require that an exhibit be insured by the owner.

Most collectors in the United States find is easier (and frequently less expensive) to purchase an actual philatelic insurance policy rather than securing a rider on their home or apartment owner's policy. There are two primary philatelic insurance providers in the United States:

Hugh Wood, Inc. manages the APS Insurance Plan for members of the American Philatelic Society. They provide excellent coverage, at competitive rates. Contact Hugh Wood, Inc. directly at their toll-free phone number (888.APS.6494) or visit their website (

Collectibles Insurance Services, LLC (previously Collectibles Insurance Agency) is another big company insuring many different types of collectibles, including stamps. Their website ( invites collectors to submit an online request for an estimate, or you may contact them toll-free by phoning 888.837.9537.