Fall 2013 Issue (Vol. 52, No. 1)

Title Authors Pages
President's Message Mark Maestrone 1
Surf, Skate, Snow -- Exploring the murky origins of board sports (Part 2: Skateboarding & Snowboarding) Mark Maestrone 3-14
Tecardi Presented the IOC President’s Trophy J.-P. Emmenegger 15
Looking Back at London 2012. Part 1: Candidature Period to the 2008 Beijing Olympics Robert Wilcock 16-20
1st Winter Youth Olympic Games, Innsbruck, Austria, 13-22 January 2012 J.-P. Emmenegger 21
The Strange Story of Alabama Pitts Norman Rushefsky 22-25
Japan’s 67th National Sports Festival: An Update Mark Maestrone 26-29
Reviews of Periodicals Mark Maestrone 30-31
News of our Members Mark Maestrone 32
New Stamp Issues John La Porta 33-35
Commemorative Stamp Cancels Mark Maestrone 36