Winter 2017 Issue (Vol. 56, No. 2)

Title Authors Pages
President's Message Mark Maestrone 1
Readers' Comments Mark Maestrone 2
Paris 1924, I Owe You, Part 2 Manfred Bergman 3-12
How to get started in sports exhibiting Norman Jacobs 13-17
FDCs of the U.S. 1969 Baseball Stamp with Team Promoted Cachets Norman Rushefsky 18-19
Preserving your philatelic past Manda Kowalczyk 20-23
Gymnastics on German "Private Post Stamps" Wolfgang Marx 24-25
The Modern Private Posts in Germany Thomas Lippert 26
Canada & USA face off with joint "History of Hockey" stamps Mark Maestrone 27
Golf and Another Sport on Slogan Meter Stamps Patricia Loehr 28-29
Canada Post concludes its centennial salute to the NHL Kon Sokolyk 30-31
Reviews of Periodicals Mark Maestrone 32
Book Review: Pierre de Coubertin and Olympic Philately Mark Maestrone 33
New Stamp Issues John La Porta 34-35
News of Our Members & SPI Financial Report Mark Maestrone & Andrew Urushima 36