Fall 2019 Issue (Vol. 58, No. 1)

Title Authors Pages
President's Message Mark Maestrone 1
A Fox Named Lesik Welcomes the European Games to Minsk Victor Afanasiev 3-8
SPI Scores a Super Pentafecta! Mark Maestrone 9-11
"Little Mo" Norman F. Jacobs 12-14
Putting on Postal Stationery Patricia Loehr 15-20
Genesis of an Olympic Stamp Mark Maestrone 21-25
Pete Rose: I'm sorry I best on baseball Norman Rushefsky 26-28
Warwaw Welcomes the 25th World Olympic Collectors' Fair Mark Maestrone 29-32
News of Our Members Mark Maestrone 33
New Stamp Issues John La Porta 34-35
Commemorative Cancels Mark Maestrone 36