Winter 2019 Issue (Vol. 58, No. 2)

Title Authors Pages
President's Message Mark Maestrone 1
Sally Ride -- Tennis Champion, Physicist, Astronaut, SPI Member Norman F. Jacobs 3-8
Creativity is fun, but what really inspired Coubertin's Olympic Rings design? Manfred Bergman 9-14
Two "Fore" One Island Golf Patricia Loehr 15-17
Genesis of an Olympic Stamp: Update Mark Maestrone 18
The Postal Material of the 1998 XVI Commonwealth Games: Part 3 Lik Lim 19-24
Using the new Scott Catalogue of Errors in sports philately Norman F. Jacobs 25-27
Baseball Records, Hank Aaron and the Journey to 715 (Part 1) Norman Rushefsky 28-30
Tokyo 2020 Olympic New Year's Lottery Postal Cards Mark Maestrone 31
New Stamp Issues John La Porta 33-35
SPI Annual Financial Statement: FY 2019 & 2018 Andrew Urushima 35
News of Our Members & Commemorative Cancels Mark Maestrone 36