Article submission guidelines

The Journal of Sports Philately accepts original manuscripts on any subject (with a philatelic connection) having to do with sports and/or the Olympic Games. All manuscripts are reviewed by the Editor who has sole and final authority on what is accepted for publication.

Deadlines for submitting articles are: February 1 (March issue), May 1 (June issue), August 1 (September issue), November 1 (December issue).

Articles must be submitted as a digital file using a standard word processor [best choices: WordPerfect (.wpd), Microsoft Word (.docx), text (.txt)]. Adobe Acrobat files in PFD format are also acceptible.

  • Do not try to duplicate the column layout, font type or size shown in the journal. This is done by the editor after all editing is completed.
  • Do not incorporate your illustrations into the text.
  • Do include figure numbers in the correct locations in your text.
  • Do include captions for all illustrations at the end of the article or in a separate file.

Illustrations should be submitted in color, unless of course the original is in black & white. Author can scan illustrations and submit them. Please observe the following guidelines.

  • Resolution: minimum 300 d.p.i.
  • Size: 100% of original.
  • Each illustration should be saved as a separate file (JPG, GIF, TIF and BMP).
  • If you have many illustrations, consider uploading to Dropbox or a similar free Cloud storage service.
  • If you do not have access to a scanner, the next best thing is to mail the Editor the originals. They will be returned as soon as practicable after scanning.
  • As a last resort, clear color photocopies can be submitted. These will not be returned unless the author specifically requests that they be. When mailing, please do not fold the photocopies as the crease shows up in scans.

Mailing options are as follows:

  • By email to the Editor ( This is the fastest and easiest way; compressed zipped files are fine.
  • By snail mail: Slower, but still reliable; register/insure any valuable contents. Mark Maestrone, 9936 Kika Ct. #3623, San Diego, CA 92129 U.S.A.