Olympex, The Olympic Expo Palmares

OLYMPEX, THE OLYMPIC EXPO BEIJING 2008 was held in conjunction with the Olympic Games, August 8-18, 2008. Courtesy of Robert Farley of the Society of Olympic Collectors, we have a partial palmares of the philatelic exhibition. Included are only the results of U.S. and U.K. exhibitors. Any readers with additional results are encouraged to submit them for inclusion in this listing.

U.S. Entries

Thematic Class: Vic Manikian, “The Olympic Movement and Games 1894 - 1948.” Gold, plus Silver Champions medal.

Literature: Patricia Ann Loehr, "The Handbook of Golf Slogan Meter Stamps." Silver

U.K. Entries

Traditional Class: Alan Sabey, “The 1948 Olympic Games Issue.” Vermeil

Open Class: Robert Wilcock, “London 1908 Franco-British Exhibition and the Games of the IVth Olympiad.” Vermeil

Open Class: Robert Wilcock, “The Games of the IVth Olympiad London - The Marathon Race - Special Prize.” (This two frame exhibit was adjudicated in conjunction with the previous five frame exhibit).

Open Class: Robert Farley, “The Road to London 2012.” Silver

Thematic Class: Jack Murray, “The World of Football”. Bronze

Postal History: Robert Farley, “Canada Post and the XVth Olympic Winter Games.” Bronze

Literature: Robert Farley, “Beijing 2008 - Advertising Postal Stationery.” Vermeil

Literature: SOC, “1940 Tokyo - The Games of the XIIth Olympiad.” Vermeil

Literature: Robert Wilcock, “The 1908 Olympic Games, The Great Stadium and the Marathon.” Silver

Literature: SOC, “Torch Bearer Volume 24 - Journal of the Society of Olympic Collectors.” Silver