XXXIst Olympic Games
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
5-21 August 2016

Coca-Cola pin trading center Rio

The Coca-Cola Official Rio 2016 Olympic Pin Trading Centre, shown above, is in the Olympic Park in Barra (see #4 on the linked map). This is the main venue for competition.

Coca-Cola Hours of Operation: the facility will officially begin on August 6, the day AFTER the Opening Ceremony. The Coca-Cola center will be open to guests from 10AM to 10PM for trading. Gates to the Olympic Park will open at 7:30AM each day, and close after the final competitions take place, which varies each day.

The Coca-Cola Centre, 1,000 square meters (almost 11,000 SF) in size, includes both an "experience" and pin trading/licensed merchandise areas. Coca-Cola is estimating a flow of 5,000 visitors a day though the Centre.

Coca-Cola has created a collection of about 100 pins for the Rio Games commemorating music, sport, Rio, Coca-Cola, key dates, mascots, etc. They will also be selling their traditional "Pin of the Day" sets across both the Olympics and Paralympics. The Pin of the Day, as usual, will be unveiled for sale each day. All of these 100 pins will be sold for the first time once the Coca-Cola Centre opens on August 6.