Surf, Skate, Snow ... Added Resources

Surfing: Three Hawaiian Princes Memorial

Dedication ceremony of the memorial in Santa Cruz, California, April 9, 2010.

Skateboarding: Stacy Peralta & the Z-Boys!

1970s footage of Stacy Peralta in action interspersed with present-day comments from him. Not to be missed: his cameo appearance as "Kid on Skateboard" in a 1979 episode of "Charlie's Angels."

Snowboarding: Kelly Clark Interview

At the Winter XGames in Aspen, Colorado, finals of the women's SuperPipe competition on 26 January 2013. Kelly Clark performs her Frontside 1080 to take the gold medal. Elena Hight lands the first ever (for men or women) Backside Ally-Oop Double Rodeo 900!


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