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Olympic & Sports Exhibits

SPI society frame title pageMark Maestrone (USA) - version posted September 2021

There are numerous collecting interests of sports philatelists – everything from archery to yachting, and individual Olympiads to general Olympic collecting. This exhibit is a sample of those many collecting possibilities.

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Mark Maestrone (USA) & Conrad Klinkner (USA) - version posted November 2021

2012 marked the centennial of the Games of the Vth Olympiad. As the first Olympic Games to be held in a
Nordic country, they stepped out of the shadows of the World Expositions at which the prior three Olympic
Games had been held. The world also had its first Olympic hero, a young American Indian by the name of
Jim Thorpe. The following pages provide a brief overview of the Stockholm Olympics primarily using
contemporary philatelic documents and memorabilia.

This exhibit was shown out-of-competition at the SPI Convention at Sescal 2012.

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1920 Olympics slogan cancel exhibit title pageEllis Kwan (Hong Kong) - version posted November 2021

Just after the WWI, the International Olympic Committee held the 18th IOC Session in Lausanne. On 5 April 1919, Antwerp, Belgium was selected to host the Games of the VIIth Olympiad to be held in 1920.

Aimed at promoting the Olympic Games, a slogan cancellation / postmark was used by the postal authority of Belgium at 10 different post offices in 5 cities. The cancellation consisted of a circular date stamp on the left and a slogan box on the right.

This one frame exhibit shows examples of each of the different postal cancellations in addition to varieties and unusual usages.

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1984 LA exhibit title pageMark Maestrone (USA) - version posted November 2021

Following the financially disastrous 1976 Olympic Games in Montreal, no city was willing to put forth a bid for the 1984 Summer Olympics, except the city of Los Angeles, California. This one frame exhibit provides a brief overview of the organization of the Games of the XXIIIrd Olympiad and some of its highlights.

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